Our Mission

Our Mission

We connect people with what is important in their lives to enhance and support their personal effectiveness.  

Personal effectiveness

To enhance your personal effectiveness we provide confidential and customized individual self-leadership coaching and consulting for leaders and aspiring leaders. 

Rodela Consulting specializes in providing customized coaching and consulting for people who are dealing with challenges that surface in their busy lives. 

RC can help provide a different perspective when you feel you have encountered an obstacle or challenge where you need an active listener who has your interest in mind.  

What Is Self-Leadership?

Self-Leadership is having a developed sense of who we are, what we can do, and where we are going connected to an ability to influence our thinking, communication, emotions, and behavior on our life’s journey (Bryant and Kazan)

What Is Personal Effectiveness?

Drawing on the work of Neck and Manz, people develop personal effectiveness if they are reasonably accomplishing short and intermediate goals which lead to long term goals, if they are developing a healthy belief in their capabilities and value as people, and if they are developing a fundamental and stable satisfaction with work, friends, and other pursuits.