The Services RC Provides Are Self-Leadership Coaching and Consulting In:

  • Clarifying life and career direction
  • Aligning actions with values and priorities
  • Recognizing strengths and addressing your challenges
  • Improving decision making where emotions are involved and addressing impulse control
  • Increasing your ability to enhance emotional self-awareness and self-expression
  • Improving your ability to improve yourself and pursue meaningful objectives
  • Improving your ability to express feelings, beliefs, and thoughts in a nondestructive way
  • Improving your ability to recognize, understand, and appreciate the feelings of others
  • Increasing your ability to develop and maintain mutually satisfying relationships
  • Recognizing the behavior (including behavior under stress) that may be affecting your interpersonal relationships
  • Recognizing your motivational needs
  • Improving your ability to contribute to society, one’s social group, and to the welfare of others
  • Improving your ability to adapt (flexibility) one’s feelings, thinking, and behavior to change
  • Improving your ability to manage stress

Our Approach

RC uses leadership assessments and experiential activities to guide leaders and aspiring leaders to prepare themselves to lead. Our aim is to have clients understand that before you can lead others, you have to learn to lead yourself.

Our Values

Authenticity, Collaboration, Flexibility, Accountability

Our Philosophy

Sustaining personal effectiveness over time is a challenge.  When satisfaction and motivation wane, effectiveness diminishes, in addition people’s well being decreases.  RC emphasizes personal effectiveness because it is foundational to support organizational needs, especially its vision and mission.  Organizations need individuals to perform with the vision and the mission in mind.

While we do emphasize self-leadership, on this web site, to enhance personal effectiveness, a person does not live in isolation. All of us need to have connections with others – we are social beings. We have degrees of connections with people at work, family members, and community. However, the degree of connectedness varies from person to person. How connected are you? All of us will have opportunities to gain experience and learn from working with and supporting others at work and in our communities. Your newly gained self-leadership skills and perspectives can help you provide leadership, mentoring, and coaching to others as they strive to enhance their own performance, well-being, and mutually beneficial relationships on teams, at home, and in the community.